Patons Metallic Yarn Full Review

Patons Yarn is typically a household name for most yarn-lovers; it's sold in numerous craft stores across the world and of course can be found almost anywhere online. However, what stands out most about Patons is their unique yarn option that would likely peak interest in any yarnie--their "Patons Metallic" collection.

Patons Metallic Yarn

This style of yarn caught my eye because of its evident glossy shine; it seemed to reflect light just like actual metal! The yarn itself is composed of both nylon and acrylic, with a bit of wool, and is considered a category 4 yarn. Patons advertises that their metallic collection "is ideal for stunning hats, scarves, and sweaters."Since I, myself, crochet a lot of shirts, I figured I would give this yarn a try. Here is a review of my results:


I am pleased to say that this yarn really matches up with how it looks online. The colors (of which there are 10+ available) are accurately resembled online and do glisten beautifully in the sunlight! While I normally prefer to work with brighter colors, I was pleasantly surprised with how vibrant these colors are, and even prefer them to some of the other specialty yarns in my collection.


Patons Metallic yarns run at around $6.79 for 252 yards, or about 37 yards per dollar. For a specialty yarn, this is fairly on par with other brands. And websites like and often run sales on Patons Metallic for as much as 50% off!


Patons recommends to use a size 5mm crochet hook for projects with the metallic collection, but I immediately found that for a crochet shirt, this would be far too large of a hook. I settled on a 3.25mm crochet hook, which worked fine but was much smaller than the suggested. Also, it seems that this yarn is not really a category 4, as it is much more fine than other medium weight yarns. However, with some adjustments to these differences, the yarn held up well, aside from the ends fraying a bit more than standard yarn. The site says to hand wash in cold water, which preserves the yarn from fraying and maintains its shine.


This yarn, while a bit high-maitenence, makes any project stunning and unique. If price is an issue for you when considering this yarn, I suggest you wait until it goes on sale, since it is definitely worth trying out. If your interested in experimenting with a bold yarn, Patons Metallic Yarn is an excellent choice! I would stay away from making amigurumi with this yarn, however, since it's nylon-acrylic blend causes the yarn to be much thinner than standard amigurumi yarn.


Let me know if you give this yarn a try!

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