Part Two: The Five Ways to Kickstart Your Crochet Career

Now that you've photographed your crochet pieces, it's time to decide on which selling platform you will use. There are so many different websites out there that allow crafters to display their products to a huge audience, and it's important to find the one best suited for you!

Etsy is by far the most popular platform for makers to sell their products. With almost 2 million sellers and 36 million shoppers, it's no question that many crafters will turn to Etsy to start their business. One great aspect of Etsy is that you are instantly connected to a huge and growing audience of shoppers that love handmade and vintage goods! However, managing an Etsy shop does come at a price--each item in your shop will cost $0.20USD to renew and publish, and Etsy takes a small fee for each item sold. While the advanced settings for Etsy Sellers are available upon a subscription (around $20USD a month), the small fees for a basic shop setting are not too costly. All this aside, if you are new to the craft-selling world, a smaller platform could be preferable to get a better sense of which of your crafts are more popular!

Love Crochet (or Love Knitting) is an amazing network of crocheters and knitters alike that sells multiple brands of yarn, along with crochet and knit patterns. This website, however, is only for selling patterns, so if you plan on selling your finished products as well, you will need to find an additional/other website to do so. Conveniently, Love Crochet does not charge you to share your patterns on their website, so you can upload as many as you would like with no damage to your wallet! Unlike Etsy, Love Crochet requires you to submit your patterns for approval before they are posted, so you will have to make sure you include all the necessary elements. This is an easy and simple way for you to earn some money while also getting to connect with an incredible community of yarnies!

Developing Your Own Website

By far the most expensive option, but starting your own e-commerce website is the most authentic and creative way you can share your crochet pieces with the world! Platforms such as Wix, GoDaddy and SquareSpace provide an easy process to designing and publishing your own website, although there are various costs to doing so. However, if you have a unique vision for your crochet business and want to highlight it in the best way possible, the extra costs might just be worth the beautiful design capabilities!

These options are the three I personally use and consider to be the greatest starting points for selling, however other websites to consider would be Artfire, Craftsy, and Ebay.

After researching these different platforms, you can pick the one that feels right for your projects and get started!

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