Where to start? Best Resources for Crochet Beginners

Crocheting is an exciting activity with tons of health and relaxation benefits. If you have a creative side and love to try new things, crocheting is an excellent hobby for you to start!

While figuring out how to crochet can be tricky for most beginners, just like riding a bike, once you pick it up you'll never forget!

Below you'll find some of the best tutorials and explanations for crocheting that the internet has to offer. Feel free to find your favorite or view them all for maximum expertise! The most important rule to remember is not to get discouraged; like any skill, crocheting takes time and patience to master, but with hard work comes great results. Get ready to be hooked!

What You'll Need

Crochet Hook (find at your local craft store or on websites like Amazon, I recommend a large hook size like the "J" or "K" hook, as these are easier to handle in the beginning.)

Yarn (Find at craft shops or retailers like Amazon and LoveCrochet, start with a standard worsted-weight acrylic yarn as this is the most common yarn to use in crochet.)

Stitch Markers (stitch markers help you to keep track of the amount of stitches you make, and are relatively affordable! Find them on Amazon).

Tapestry Needle (a tapestry needle is used when you are done with your crochet project, and helps you to hide the loose ends of yarn. Pick one up at your local craft store or on Amazon).

Scissors (you will need to cut the yarn!)


This video is a quick 6-minute explanation of the basics for right-handed individuals.

This article gives step-by-step written explanations accompanied by helpful images!

This two-part video series gives a more detailed description of crocheting for beginners. Find the first and second videos here.

If you're left-handed like me, there are crochet tutorials that show how to crochet if you are left-hand dominant! Find a more-detailed video and a quicker version here.

I hope you find these tutorials useful in your quest to crochet. Remember, practice makes perfect! And feel free to reach out for a quick response if something is troubling you.

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