Stunning + Free Handmade Tag Designs

I am so excited to present the first free shop graphics design -- beautiful item tags for your handmade pieces!

With seven different colors to choose from, I hope you'll find a tag that matches your unique style.

To print out your own, hold down on command+p or go to file-->print to print this page and these tags!

Or if you are using a Mac, hold down on command+shift+4 to take a picture of the specific tag you are looking for.

I recommend printing these tags on heavy-duty paper or card-stock paper to ensure they stay looking their best;

this is especially important during shipping!

Do you have any ideas for more shop materials? Message us at to let us know, and we

might release some additional designs for you!

I hope you enjoy these tags, and be sure to tag us with your finished pieces at #TheCrocheting if you do!

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