Hey Yarnies!

LoveCrafts is hosting their very own blogger awards ~eloquently dubbed ‘The Crafties’~ which proposed participants answer the question, why do you craft?

While I don’t often share my crafting backstory, I am actually thoroughly excited to have this opportunity to relay where I get my inspiration, what motivates me to create, and of course, why I do it all.

To tell you this, I’d have to take it all back to being in middle school, walking through a pet store one summer afternoon. I’d been browsing the aisles looking for dog food when I stumbled upon the most adorable little pet toys - crochet amigurumi apples with a squeaky insert. As I turned the toy around in my hand, I knew, I was “hooked!” The tiny, intricate stitches showed a sincere, lovable creation unlike anything I’d seen before.

That day, I went home and jumped on YouTube. My search history began to fill with different crochet tutorials: “How to Crochet for Complete Beginners,” “How to Crochet Left-Handed,” “Everything You Need to Know About Crochet;” I was practicing every day, making lopsided beanies and chunky scarves and all the while, learning everything I could about the craft and never giving up.

That moment was almost eight years ago!

Since first deciding I’d want to learn crochet, I’ve opened an Etsy store, my own website, participated in craft fairs, and of course, met incredible some truly remarkable makers along the way.

If someone had asked me why I craft when I was first starting out, I would have talked about the unmatched feeling of peace and accomplishment at each stage of creating a project; there was a world of possibilities to be discovered with a hook in hand, and I was completely taken with this crafting process!

Now, I still understand and appreciate this fact; crocheting is my outlet to de-stress, connect with others and work towards building my wardrobe. However, since developing my own crochet patterns and being able to run an Etsy Shop as well as my own online store, I have discovered an entirely new motivation for crafting.

I craft to help others achieve that same feeling I had in the pet store eight years ago; I design easy-to-follow, exciting and customizable crochet patterns and video tutorials to help those who want to crochet, or improve their crocheting skillset accomplish their goals. Whether that’s mastering a new stitch, recreating a crochet look or making all of their gifts this holiday season - I find the most enjoyment, for me, comes from being a presence in the maker community, there to spread the joy of crocheting as so many had done for me.

With the holiday season almost in full swing, I am excited to share some really wonderful projects, collaborations, and more to spread some crafting cheer! Stay tuned on my Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Etsy - and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to find out what’s in store :)

All the best,

Nicole xo

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