Ditch Fast Fashion in 2021

If you're like a lot of women out there, you love to online shop. Unfortunately a lot of clothing companies and online shops utilzie what's called fast fashion. Fast fashion describes a company's business model where they produce a large volume of trendy, fashionable designs at a low cost. Fast fashion not only poses enviromental problems for the world, but also ensues unethical labor situations as well.

The fashion industry is responsible for creating 10% of all man made carbon emissions in the world, which greatly contributes to global warming. Fast fashion is also the world's second-largest consumer of water, increasing the depletion of natural water resources. Fast fashion also pollutes the air and water around us, adding smoke exhaust and other chemicals to the atmosphere and adding extremely harmful microplastics to the ocean.

Many companies who use fast fashion also utilize cheap labor to keep their costs low. This entails factories in countries with low national wages, underpaying workers and often having unsafe or dangerous working conditions. This unethical treatment of factory workers is often overlooked in certain countries, who even will utilize child workers as a form of cheap labor.

Despite becoming aware of all of these facts, many women feel that they do not have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing sustainable fashion. Sites that offer more sustainable options are usually much less affordable. Thrifting poses a more sustainable option, but is not always convenient, and women may feel less comfortable purchasing thrifted clothing during the pandemic.

Many women are turning to crocheting to create their own clothes this year. Not only is crocheting a fun and creative passtime, but learning how to crochet is a great way to combat fast fashion. Purchasing supplies is a small cost compared to purchasing sustainable clothes online; and not only do you create a cute new piece of apparel for your wardrobe, but you also help prevent the damaging affects of fast fashion on our environment and our world.

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