How to crochet a beanie for beginners (free beanie crochet pattern)

Making a crochet hat is a great first step for any new crocheter to take. Hat patterns are perfect because they usually just require the basic crochet stitches: chain, slip stitch, single crochet, and double crochet.

Whether you're making a crochet baby hat or an adult size hat, the technique is all the same. It's important to measure your gauge starting your project to make sure you will end with the correct size.

This crochet beanie pattern will allow more wiggle room with gauge, though. As it is constructed from the side, as opposed to top-down, you can adjust the size of your beanie as you work to make sure you get the perfect fit!


Head Circumference (inches)

Best for:

Total yarn needed (yards)



Child 0-1 years




Child 2-4 years




Child 6-8 years




Adult (small)




Adult (large)



For the yarn, it's best to select a category 5 (chunky or bulky) weight yarn, so your head will stay warm and to get a nice cozy hat for the winter. Chunky yarn is also easier to crochet with because it is larger in size, so it makes an easier crochet project for beginners.

This hat uses Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn in Cream/Black (1 skein, 312 yds) this is a chunky acrylic-wool blend yarn with a multicolor pattern that create a very cool ombre effect for the hat. Any weight 5 yarn, however, will work for this crochet beanie!

Also, make sure you have a tapestry needle, or something you can use to sew the hat together. I recommend using this one here.

Crochet Hook / Gauge

This crochet hat uses a 5mm "H" crochet hook. You can find one here.

As for the gauge, 15 double crochet stitches should measure 4 inches across, and 5 rows tall. You can play around with your tension / using a smaller or larger hook to get the gauge right, but also, it's okay if your gauge is a little bit different for this pattern. Just make sure you are measuring your hat as you crochet to adjust as you need.

Finished Measurements

Based on whether you are making a size (XS, S, M, L, XL), your finished hat should measure (9", 10", 11", 12", 13") tall and (14", 16", 18", 20", 22") around. Sizing directions follows the order (XS, S, M, L, XL) - so refer to the number in the row that corresponds to the size you are making.


The following stitches are needed to make this crochet beanie. They are:

  • Chain (ch)

  • Double Crochet (dc)

  • Stitch (st)

  • Fasten off (F/o)

And with that...let's get started making the crochet beanie!

Easy Beanie Crochet Pattern

Round 1: Using your 5mm crochet hook and bulky yarn, ch (36, 40, 44, 48, 52). Turn, count four st away from your hook and dc into 4th ch from hook. Continue to dc in each ch across, until you reach the end of your ch. (33, 37, 41, 45, 49).

Round 2: Ch 3 (this counts as your first dc), turn to face the remaining stitches, dc into the next st from hook, dc in each st across, ending with a dc in your last st. (33, 37, 41, 45, 49)

Round 3: Ch 3 (this counts as your first dc), turn to face the remaining stitches, dc into the next st from hook, dc in each st across, ending with a dc in your last st. (33, 37, 41, 45, 49)

**continue to repeat Round 3 until your work measures (13", 15" 17", 19", 21") long. Measure from the first round all the way to your last round to check the length. This should also wrap snug around your head, so make sure you try it on and see that it fits comfortable and you do not need to pull it tightly to get it to fit.**

When you have the correct amount of rounds completed to get the length you want, F/o and leave a long tail for sewing the hat (about 20-25 inches).


Fold your rectangle so that your very first round of the hat is touching the very last round. Attach the end of your long tail to your tapestry needle, and begin to sew through the stitches of the first and last rounds to create a "tube" out of your rectangle.

When you reach the other side of the round, and all of the stitches have been sewn together, turn to face the edges of all of your previous rounds.

Begin to weave your tapestry needle in and out of the sides of your rounds, all the way around the loop until you arrive back at your starting point. Then, pull the string tightly to close the hole, and then tie in a knot to secure it. Weave in your ends to hide them, then flip the hat inside-out to wear.

Optional: Pom-pom attachment

Take your yarn and begin wrapping around your hand. The more times you wrap, the thicker your pom-pom will be! You should have a decent size bundle of yarn wrapped around your hand before moving to the next step.

Slide the yarn bundle off of your hand, holding it in place. Cut the yarn bundle loose from the ball and then cut the yarn bundle in half to create several smaller pieces of yarn.

Cut a larger piece of yarn (about 8 inches) and lie the pile of smaller pieces carefully on top of this larger yarn piece.

Tie a knot around the smaller pieces with the larger piece, making sure it is tight and secure. You may want to double or triple knot to ensure the pieces stay in the tie.

Fluff the yarn strands outward to create the pom-pom, leaving the two longer ends that you tied with to secure into the beanie.

Pull the two long strings into the top of the beanie, then flip the beanie inside out to the wrong side (the side you won't be wearing the beanie on).

Tie a knot several times to secure the pom-pom into the beanie. Weave in ends when satisfied.

Flip the beanie back to the right side, and trim the yarn strands of the pom-pom until you get the style you like.

Enjoy your beanie! Be sure to let us know how your project went by sharing a picture to, or reach out to us on Instagram @crocheting.

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